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Study with experts and explore in greater depth. Educational Director, Aliza Stewart provides a multi-layered adventure in human learning and improvement in which participants benefit personally, while developing the ability to help others. Participants experience an extraordinary variety of Feldenkrais Movement and Private lessons as they study the theory and skills necessary to become effective as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.




A special Enriched Feldenkrais Training Program to help you explore the Feldenkrais Method in greater depth, study with expert teachers, explore more areas of interest, and become a more capable and confident Feldenkrais Practitioner. Apply today to begin your journey.



Let your brain guide your body. The Feldenkrais Method is for everyone who wants to feel and function better. A synthesis of physics, biology, neurology and motor development, the Feldenkrais Method works in an empowering way; guiding your brain in a therapeutic learning process, to improve your body.



Who participates in a Feldenkrais Method Training Program? Some people enroll seeking professional development, and to become a skilled and effective Feldenkrais Practitioner. Others join for personal growth, healing, and the opportunity to explore an exciting field of human learning and improvement.



The Baltimore Training Program is partnering with Baltimore Studios and The Living Well in a beautiful newly renovated loft space close to the Inner harbor of Baltimore, An energetic, area full of restaurants shops and museums. It is within easy walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants.


The Baltimore Feldenkrais Training Program is open for a workshop and COntinuing Education for GCFPs and massage therapists. NOT TOO LATE to start your Feldenkrais Journey!!


Hear What Our Graduates Say

Develop the knowledge, sensitivity and technical skills to become an effective Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Aliza and Paris bring a unique combination of skill, experience and wisdom to this training program.  But more importantly, they are good teachers – sensitive, non-judgmental and incredibly supportive. If you are considering a training program, this is the one for you.”

–Carol Regan, Washington DC

“Aliza Stewart is a master in her work. She is fiercely passionate about the Feldenkrais Method, and helping students to experience and learn organically through their own senses.  I have been deeply touched by her teaching.”

“Paris Kern is a great teacher, and supportive.  I have learned a tremendous amount through her teaching.  She is also creative, and able to make light when students get too serious.  Humor helps the learning, and I am grateful for her many, many contributions to the training.”

–Libby Eason, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve tried many healing modalities besides allopathic medicine, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, tai chi and yoga, but none have been as transformative as the Feldenkrais Method.  Among Feldenkrais practitioners, Aliza Stewart is recognized as a master and it is no wonder:   she approaches her work with the artistry, seriousness of purpose, and attention to fine detail.  Her classes and private sessions are not only highly effective at reducing and eliminating pain, but they also foster an overall sense of vitality, power and expanded possibilities.  Aliza’s work has propelled me forward into a more fulfilling life, and I can’t recommend her teaching highly enough.”

–Hannah VoDinh, Frederick MD

“Learning Feldenkrais from Aliza has been akin to learning about life from a wise, trusted mentor – she has a very different take on creativity, learning and movement – she is an artist and her teaching reflects that.

Paris has the uncanny ability to intuit what I needed at every stage to progress further in my learning – I have benefited a lot from her style of teaching”

–Ravi Prabhakar, Atlanta, GA

“Aliza is a passionate teacher who speaks from a place of deep conviction and respect for the individual’s approach to learning. I was inspired by her curiosity about her students’s needs and her keen eye for teachable moments, both with individuals as well as the group.

“Paris worked with me on many levels throughout my training, providing support not only through clear and knowledgeable instruction, but a consistent personal touch as well. Whether teaching a lesson to the group or following up with me about a functional integration experience, she was a consistent voice of understanding and guidance.”

–Mary Rudd, Danville, KY

“Aliza embodies the Feldenkrais concept of reversibility by being both a task master and your favorite grandmother at the same time.

Paris and Aliza are exceptionally skilled at encouraging a trainee’s personal neurological growth and the personal changes that come with that in tandem with teaching the professional skills needed to be a confident, successful practitioner.

As both a trainer and administrator, Paris constantly has her finger on the pulse of the class and knows instinctively what the group needs to get the most out of every training segment.”

–Kimberly Swanson, Los Angeles, CA

Hear more from our graduates and meet the faculty.