Proprioception: The Conversation Between Our Brain And Our Body

I was asked by my friend and wonderful Assistant Tiffany to write something for our newsletter. Being intensely busy with educational and logistical preparation for the Training, I couldn’t form the coherent thoughts to satisfy my standards. So, by coincidence, or maybe providence, as I was driving to do some errands, I listened to a Radiolab episode named “Where Am I”. It included many of the themes that I will introduce in the training and the ideas we will work with in Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®.

Then I found a related, shorter, podcast of Radiolab, focusing on one of the main characters in the first program, someone who, like Dr. Feldenkrais, invented a version of the Feldenkrais Method®  for himself, out of desperately looking to function again.

I thought that listening to these episodes would bring more understanding about the conversation between our brain and our body, and inspire people to be more curious about this fascinating process. This is constantly going on in all of us, and I find it so important to know about it in order to improve our abilities.

I feel so fortunate to have acquired, through my practice as a Feldenkrais Method teacher, such deep understanding of the questions involved and have a concrete application of the main theme: the re-education of proprioception.

Listen to the 15 minutes episode “The Butcher’s Assistant” at

If you have more time, listen to the 58 minute episode “Where Am I?”

If you want to experience this in your own body, join me in June for an exquisite Four Day Immersion Workshop in Baltimore.



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