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Mary Rudd has joined and completed the last Feldenkrais Training in Baltimore. She came in the training after years of pain and injuries due to her athletic trainings and now practices in Danville, KY, where she helps others find a pain-free and meaningful way to move, and to be.

Here is how Mary describes her experience in the training:

In my journey with the Feldenkrais Method® I have learned a life-changing lesson. I have learned what it means to be an aware human being. And, for me, the most impactful aspect of that awareness is coming to a deeper understanding of my life, of myself, and of my inner capacity for living a quality life. 

Many of us are unaware of the power of attending to ourselves, and if we are, we have difficulty allowing it. I certainly fit that description before I started doing Feldenkrais lessons. Although chronic pain due to athletic injuries was my main reason for trying Feldenkrais, it is not the reason that I continue. As I learned to use my body more efficiently, and my physical pain diminished, so did my mental limitations. Learning new ways to respond to situations encompasses every aspect of my being – my thoughts, my movements, and my outward responses. 

Feldenkrais is an empowering, transformational method. It has brought me back to myself in the realization that I am whole. I am not just a stack of parts. I am not just my thoughts, my feelings, or my sensations. I am all that they combine to be and I call on the integrated wisdom of my mind and body to help me improve. Each moment of every day brings potential for the joy of learning, the joy of a life lived in awareness.

The next Baltimore Feldenkrais Training starts on August 5th, and you can take the first segment as a workshop for the weekend or for the 9 days. Come experience in yourself the transformational possibilities this method has to offer!

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