Proprioception: The Conversation Between Our Brain And Our Body

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I was asked by my friend and wonderful Assistant Tiffany to write something for our newsletter. Being intensely busy with educational and logistical preparation for the Training, I couldn't form the coherent thoughts to satisfy my standards. So, by coincidence, or maybe providence, as I was driving to do some errands, I listened to a Radiolab [...]

“After Learning This, Your Brain Will Not Be the Same” – a TED Talk by Dr. Lara Boyd

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Listening to this talk, I had the same thought which I often have when I listen to lectures about brain research and human functioning: The Feldenkrais Method® already has a clinical, concrete application of this science. Feldenkrais practitioners have been doing it for the last 40 years! Here are some of Dr. Boyd’s ideas from the [...]

Aliza Stewart on Daniel Wolpert’s TED Talk “The Real Reason for Brains”

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Greetings! I have come across a wonderful TEDTalk by Daniel Wolpert, called "The Real Reason for Brains". As I listened to him, it became quite clear to me that he is describing processes for which the Feldenkrais Method has offered for decades a concrete and clinical applications in everyday life. I was especially struck by the [...]