Mary’s Story

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Mary Rudd has joined and completed the last Feldenkrais Training in Baltimore. She came in the training after years of pain and injuries due to her athletic trainings and now practices in Danville, KY, where she helps others find a pain-free and meaningful way to move, and to be. Here is how Mary describes her experience [...]

Shelia’s Story – From Pain to Freedom

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A few years ago, Sheila could not get up from a chair without assistance or hold her grand-babies in her arms. After a life of being a very active and high-functioning person, she found herself with constant back pain and unable to move or be independent. She was diagnosed with sciatica, herniated disc and spinal stenosis, [...]

Proprioception: The Conversation Between Our Brain And Our Body

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I was asked by my friend and wonderful Assistant Tiffany to write something for our newsletter. Being intensely busy with educational and logistical preparation for the Training, I couldn't form the coherent thoughts to satisfy my standards. So, by coincidence, or maybe providence, as I was driving to do some errands, I listened to a Radiolab [...]

“After Learning This, Your Brain Will Not Be the Same” – a TED Talk by Dr. Lara Boyd

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Listening to this talk, I had the same thought which I often have when I listen to lectures about brain research and human functioning: The Feldenkrais Method® already has a clinical, concrete application of this science. Feldenkrais practitioners have been doing it for the last 40 years! Here are some of Dr. Boyd’s ideas from the [...]

Aliza Stewart on Daniel Wolpert’s TED Talk “The Real Reason for Brains”

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Greetings! I have come across a wonderful TEDTalk by Daniel Wolpert, called "The Real Reason for Brains". As I listened to him, it became quite clear to me that he is describing processes for which the Feldenkrais Method has offered for decades a concrete and clinical applications in everyday life. I was especially struck by the [...]